Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On July 4th

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On July 4th

Did you know that more dogs, cats, and pets are lost on July 4th than any other day?  Why? 

It's very simple really, but most people don't even think about it - the loud, explosive noise of fireworks and firecrackers can send your furry friend running to get away as fast as possible.  In a panic-stricken state they can also hurt themselves trying to climb fences or other obstacles.

Here are our recommendations to keep your pets safe:

      • Make sure before the 4th your pet is wearing license and ID tags just in case they get lost. 

      • Make sure your pet's microchip registration is up to date.


      • Take a current photo of your pet "just in case" they get lost.


      • Exercise your pets early in the day before the fireworks begin.


      • Leave your pet at home during fireworks.  Do not leave them in a fenced yard.  Panic-stricken pets hurt themselves trying to escape fenced yards.


      • Keep your pet inside & turn on the air conditioner, TV or radio to drown out the noise of fireworks.  Give them a treat or toy to keep them busy.