Adventures In Growing Up With Pets

How did I get interested in pet supplies or should I say pets?  I suppose it started when I was growing up.  We basically were never without a cat or a dog during my growing up years with a few other species thrown in there.

Funny Pet Names

In our line of work, we come across some downright hysterical names people have given to their pets.

Simple Tips On Naming Your Pet

Stumped, drawing a blank, or just can't agree on a name for your new pet?  We've got some suggestions that might make your task a little easier to find the perfect name for your new pet.

Adopting A Pet, Dog, or Cat Through An Animal Rescue Group

Animal rescue organizations or groups offer you a great place to get your next family pet. These groups are all different, but they do have common goals. These groups work hard to locate a permanent loving home for unwanted or misplaced cats and dogs. 

Perfect Pet Care Instructions To Give Your Pet Sitter, Vet, or Kennel

Going away for a few days?  Download our easy pet care instructions and information to give to your sitter, vet, or kennel.

Pets Can Teach Kids Responsibility

Do you know the benefits of kids and pets. Kids can learn to care for something other than themselves. Pets teach selflessness and empathy. Kids learn to put the needs of something else over their own.